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If you are brand conscious about air conditioners, we can source any brand at a competitive price.

If you are budget conscious, we can fit in with your needs with alternate brands. Our team offer full design, construction, supply and installation of split system and ducted air-conditioning systems. We are proud to use the latest technology, AirTouch control system. Contact us for professional air conditioning installation in Caloundra, or any surrounding Sunshine Coast suburb.


AirTouch 3

With a stylish touch screen display and remote app control from your smart device, AirTouch is an integrated, all in one control and zone management system for your home air conditioning unit.


Compatible with Leading Brands

Smart Air Conditioning control and zoning for the leading brands. AirTouch lets you manage and control air flow in up to 16 zones for 1 or 2 individual AC units from a touch screen, or your smartphone via WIFI or the internet. Perfect for modern homes or clever retrofits.


Remote App Control of your Air Conditioning

AirTouch offers you the opportunity to control your air conditioning with your Smartphone. Have total control of your ducted air conditioning from your phone or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Created with busy family lifestyles in mind, our AirTouch App turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control and monitoring system for your air conditioner wherever you are.


Feature Rich

AirTouch 3 offers optional Individual Temperature Control, a feature that lets everyone enjoy their own temperature in the rooms that they are using. It also creates a better experience overall with more even temperatures and better energy efficiency: When the sun rises and warms up the rooms on one side of your house, AirTouch will adjust the airflow in those zones, and not waste air on rooms that are already comfortable.

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Our team can source almost any type of air conditioning system you want, and install it professionally for you. We provide easy to understand, accurate quotes, that include any possible extra costs. We are clear with our communication, arrive on time and clean up after your air con is installed. When the system is ready, we show you how to use it and all you need to do is enjoy the more comfortable temperature it will provide. If you have any questions about the type of air conditioning Sunshine Coast homes and offices almost always need, then contact us for a chat today.